[0.6b] iCap - Image uploading revolutionized

A lot of you know about my last project, SpeedCap. Due to the multiple limitations, I decided to sell the project and move on to something more advanced. Something with options.

Now, meet iCap.

iCap is a completely revolutionary uploading program. Combining the most popular features from other programs like Gyazo and puush, iCap also offers unprecedented uploading speed with completely configurable options.


  • Customizable shortcuts. Now, just press a button combination to activate the capture!
  • Show dimensions of the image you are capturing
  • Copy URL to clipboard
  • Automatically open a browser to show the image
  • Show balloon notification of upload success or failure
  • Save image to desktop
  • Built in Image editor
  • Live mode (similar to view.me, although as of now it is fairly laggy)
  • Checks for updates

Most of the options above have configurable options, as shown below:

[size=30]Want iCap? Get it here![/size]

iCap is developed in VB.NET. Because of my lack of Mac programming knowledge, the full version of iCap for Mac may not be an option. If you feel you are capable of recreating iCap for Mac, please message me.

iCap is still in alpha, so there is bound to be bugs. If you experience any issue, please report them so we can fix them ASAP.

Security notice:
For some reason, chrome flags this program as malicious, and Norton blocks it because of the lack of users. Just know that I would never ruin the reputation I have built just to infect a few people. However, I have included a virus scan [b]here[/b]

If anyone has ideas on how to stop the program from being flagged, let me know, and I will implement the fix ASAP :smile:

Known issues:
-Possible rebind issues?
-Live mode is laggy

Much better than speedcap, awesome thanks SPEED

Add screen recording and it will replace imgur cap, till then it is just another screen cap program.

Love it! Will use for SURE!


This is amazing.

For me, this has revolutionized picture capping programs all together, with the settings, shortcuts… and even updates.

I haven’t used a program for image capping like this… hopefully this one will be on-going. :smile:

This Looks awesome im going to use it

How is this any different than puush…?


Loving it already, but suggestion:

Your option to save images to desktop, maybe make that customizable? As in i can set a location it saves to?

Thats all i can think of so far its pretty awesome right now!

Wow, a truly amazing program, Speed! Thanks for another amazing contribution. I can’t wait for the OSX release, I really need something to replace Gyazo/Speedcap, none are working for me.

Eww… who still uses Gyazo. :stuck_out_tongue: SpeedCap and ImgurCap are decent, but this… this is amazing!

puush / home

I like the new features, but I dont see why you ditched speedcap and rebuilt it basically to when it was speedcap and then added more stuff…

yup way better then speedcap thanks bro

This is a lot different than speedcap. This is a bit faster, and the images are stored more efficiently (among other things)

Read the security notice at the bottom

Also, puush has a fairly small limit before you have to start paying, so it’s not much different than gyazo.

Thanks for the feedback guys :smile:

To be completely honest I would never buy a screenshot tool unless it performed like Window Clippings, and more. Good work though, Speed. Proud of you.

iCap is free, and I intend to keep it that way. I don’t have any plans to add a paid package at this point :smile:

this is great!
I’d know if it was a false positive or not, cause Norton liked to delete speedcap >_>
also, me being a nub, how do we get to the settings…? O_o edit: nevermind, the icon wasn’t staying. got it.

I heard you don’t like to give OSX users iCap yo. Way to break my heart.

I know absolutely nothing about Mac programming :anguished:

I’m trying to find someone who can recreate it for Mac, but no luck so far.