[1.0.0] TooManyItems Mod Installer (Choose for server, Bukkit/Vanilla)

TooManyItems Mod Installer (Update for: 1.0.0)
Made by: Kink


So I made this as I I’m tired of manually editing the config file for each server I join that I have OP on, vanilla and bukkit…so this is a quick solution to that problem, simply select what server you want it to work with (bukkit or vanilla/canary). It also works normally with single player. I hope this comes in handy like my Zombe Mod Installer has :smile:!

What you need to do:
Run it as administrator if you’re using windows 7/Vista, do this by right clicking the application and selecting “Run as administrator”!

Direct Download, Click Here!

Virus Scan, Click Here!

Why you so awesome? THANKS!

you should make these in one program :wink:

Why thank you kind sir.

Thanks so much bro, I love the mod a ton!

This is probally getting a sticky lol :smiley:

Merge it with the other program… Too many stickies now.

You just keep getting more and more epic! :smile: Thanks alot, this is a life saver! :smile:


Kink you should make another “Modcraft” because their servers are down because the developer left the program.

Will you ever update to 1.8.1 / 1.9.pre version? :expressionless:

~Don’t say I bumped… its a sticky -_-

I like this forum, great! !

Added a version for 1.8/1.8.1.

Sorry, forgot to update it :anguished:.

trying it now i hope it works!

Could you put up another link for download?

Are you updating it to the 1.0.0 release?

Also, make it XP compatible >.< inserting the .CLASS files aren’t working that well >.>

Best mod/ Most usful mod of all times :smile:

Need 1.0.0 :anguished: Nice though Kinkypoo

1.0.0 Come on kink!

Updated for 1.0.0, re-download from thread. :smile: