1,000 Thanks


So I hit 1,000 thanks in a little over a year of being a member. That means I got about 83 thanks a month which is kinda surprising since I don’t post a whole lot. So here’s a list of people I’d like to thank in no specific order

[details=Open Me]
n i c k
Steve Wonda
Robert E. Kahn (invented the internet)
Candy Crush
Vint Cerf (he also invented the internet)
Its Survival
Unknown v2

and the rest of you for being sexy :wink:[/details]

don’t mind how short this thread is

1,001 thanks now… Congrats :smile:

Luke a year? I hit 1,000 in like 2 months man stop slacking!

No but seriously great job dude, you definitely deserve it and if I could give you 1,000 more thanks I would! :wink:

'Nuff said.

just kidding, thanks

****! I forgot to tell you Cheater had to change my join date to 2 years ago for it doesn’t look odd that I got 1000 thanks in 2 months.

Open Me

wow… 1,000 thanks is definitely sexy… congrats.

Congrats man! I knew you’d be here soon, but I didn’t think this soon.

I’m #2 on the list, and that’s fine with me.

Congratz mate

Congratulations bro. I will be up in that league soon enough.

>Helps cheese Atheon
>No appreciation

lol jk. Congrats man

Didn’t know you were there! Thanks man, I’m glad you got to hear me freak out :smile: