1 Month Diamond giveaway!

Thought I should do another diamond giveaway!

50 Thanks
200 Posts


I will need to log into your HorizonMB account to purchase the Diamond.

Thanks for doing this N i c k ! ^-^

Giving back to the community pretty much hourly, such a great member!

I’d enter but I’m stuck with Diamond until who knows when. Thanks n i c k.

sniffs the air… I smell an Epic Bagde coming!

Thanks Nick :smiley:

Thank you bro, good luck to everyone that’s entered

While I know I can’t enter I am surprised people are willing to let people go onto their account…

Nick is a prominent member of the community, as to where you have a thanks count of 4. So… yeah.

Thanks for this!

Thanks for the Giveaway and best of luck to all who enter!

Thank you.


I’ve let n i c k up in my private place more than once with no regrets. He’s always welcome back.

You mean your secret mansion with a strip club in the 3rd basement, right?

Whoa! Just what kinda “giveaway” is this?!?

Right…If I had a strip club in my 3rd basement I’d let homeless Phil be a bouncer. You knew what I meant smart ass, remember when you won and gave me your prize? That was the 2nd time n i c k got access to my private place. Like I said, he’s always welcome back. Love you too Rap, don’t be jealous.

5 Days left!

Thanks for give away. Congratz to whomever wins, I try to visit here more often but get sidetracked. lol.

Only need about 14 more posts, I’ll enter then. Thanks for this!!

Edit: I’m in!

2 days left!

I need to win. I must win. :V