1 Year Diamond Giveaway


Since there’s not many people entering i decided to change it

You gotta guess what my controller design is

… That is to hard.

Good luck to the builders.

Nice giveaway you have here! I might try…

It’s 1 year diamond.

You have to build all of those?


It’s going to take me a year to make those, good luck to whoever wins I’m not wasting my life.

Would you accept dirt buildings? :wink:

How is this for a hospital?

Here is a fire station

Police Department

Town Hall

Yes. I did not build these but you said the one with the best would win.

This is impossible :anguished:

I’d try it, if my laptop was better. :laughing: But nice giveaway. :smile:

I will maybe try this :3.

Thanks for the awesome giveaway, 1 year of diamond is a very thoughtful, useful and generous giveaway. I’d give this a bash, but as you know i’m not the best at building plus i don’t have that much patience haha.

You built them pretty quickly, what are you Speedy Gonzales? All from different sources so i call shenanigans :stuck_out_tongue: Nice builds though.

You obviously didn’t make these.

  1. There all hosted on different websites.

  2. Different Texture packs in each photo?
    Why would you change your texture pack randomly while building.

  3. The quality is different in each photo.

  4. 1 Picture is from classic.

Obviously you guys didnt get I was joking. I was pointing out anyone can get a picture and say they did it. I fear that is how the giveaway will end.

Why dont you give him the map instead of images


When does this close?

I will be editing post as things are periodically built.

But here is my fire station. Its pretty decent. Nothing major, fire truck needs work but yea.


It has a pretty cool working alarm thing. ;P[/details]

All of those pictures are from different locations. YOU are suppose to build them.