1 Year WeMod Anniversary?

I was just thinking about it and I believe WeMod launched on December 12 last year. Am I correct?

I also want to say that I’m glad I stuck around. We lost a lot of cool & unique members after the change, I wish they would have given it a chance and realized that it was pretty much just a facelift. Anyway, I’m glad I can still be of some assistance these days. I can’t help much with Infinity but for the Horizon users out there I’ll always do what I can to help get things sorted.

Happy Anniversary WeMod!


For those that do not join the Discord chat :smiley:.


Yep, i got my anniversary badge a coupe days back.

Happy Anniversary!

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Has it seriously been that long already?

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Yes it has. For me, this past year flew by pretty quickly. You should have the anniversary badge as well if you check.

yea, I didn’t even realize it has been for the same reason

Someone said giveaway? :smiley:

is that really all you took away from this

So about those steam games @Zach

Donated a copy of Roguelands incase anyone wanted a copy, they can try to win it :p.