10/11/11 system update xbox live :: 13604 dashboard

Xbox 360 System Update coming this Tuesday (no new features)
Sometime during the early morning hours tomorrow (Pacific Time, Tuesday, October 11th) we are pushing out a mandatory system update. If you are signed into LIVE already, you may be signed out.
Once the update has been completed, you’ll be able to sign-in again and back online in a few moments.

What is in the update?
This is a general system maintenance update and there are no new features that will show up once your system has been updated.

Source: http://majornelson.com/2011/10/10/xbox-360-system-update-coming-this-tuesday-no-new-features/

Nice to know ur mr.know it all.

Show some proof!

It was on the xbox website i cant remember were it was now :anguished:

You copied it from here link you should post the source next time :wink:

Beta registration is going to be open soon for testing the new dashboard, which is released on the 25th of November…Sounds like a prep-update to me.

Yes, I did but i found the update info on the xbox.com forums and now i cant find it

so far the speculation is that the dashboard in no way touched disc drives. I have a benq and i updated and my drive still has LT+ 2.0 and boots GOW3 fine…

Mine is exactly the same, Im playing gears of war 3 now.

More of a detailed update information added.