1000+ gpd files coming

So i got 1000+ gpd’s I’m now making maps with the game name of it with the gpd in it so it is much easier to find the needed gpd at the moment I ave 273 done so I still have alot to do, I’ll share this .zip file with xboxmb and make an download link for it aswell.


thank you so much :]

IAY! :smiley:

Do you have Duke Nukem Forever and (the new)Mortal Kombat Gpd?

This would be cool.

Sounds great, but for what games exactly?

are they all for halo? or other games?

all games would be added, and the latest aswell.

I’d like to add the halo 2 pc version to unlock the achievements i would need a gpd for that right? if so i hope u upload that one

I have the Halo 2 vista gpd already here on xboxmb you just have to search on my profile for my recent comments it would say I’ll upliad it later, edit never mind I’m already late for work so here it is. Or something like that if you cant find it I’ll search it up later I’m working on the list now :smile:

PS the list will also have dragon age 2 dreamcast collection and the new MLB 2K11

Pointless much? The game adder does the exact same thing unless yours are all modded.

ALL RIPED FROM my recent game list, and most of them arnt in the game adder list, so thats why I share them with the public and xboxmb

You tell me which aren’t in there. I know there are several cheater hasn’t added but most are there. Plus he is adding more to it.

Are these released yet?

Sounds good mate cant wait.

I hate when people post negative responses if you feel like its usless then dont download it, as a matter of fact why respond with a message if u feel its “usless”

Can’t wait! :smiley:

Very nice, i can’t wait

well I’n not going to search over 1000 gpds to see if Horizon have it or not, and if it have well then good for us I’m just posting this to help cheater to update the list.

so far I have this done.