11/23/20 Windows Defender alerted to Trojan when downloading cheats on Wemod

Yesterday I opened wemod with no issue as usual but when i went to get my cuphead cheats windows defender alerted me to a trojan and said it was unable to download the cheats/trainer on wemod. I tried several times with the same result. I completey deleted wemod off my computer and got rid of the threat until i figure out of this is a legit threat or a false positive. I looked it up and saw several people say they encountered the same issue but none were this recent. The most recent one was from october. I just want to verify wemod is still safe to use. I miss is it dearly.

Yes its perfectly fine. There are newer posts than October but it is 100 % safe
Like you said it is a false positive, still pops up on me still once in a while defender will catch one here and there


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In the future, please use the search feature before posting.

It would have located threads like this one for you, which explains why it happens and how to resolve it: Windows Defender marked WeMod as a Trojan.