12625 Dashboard Files and .xexs

Also this is my first post on XboxMB, be nice.
I have the .xexs and files for 12625 and am working on the new freeboot.
Wanna help?

looks interesting.

Eh, Good luck.

The Next Unkown?

p.s,- look for something that catches your eye like(findFlags.xex) idk next Jester

next … not going to get very far

good for you?

Try posting the files… It’s not warez since the update files are freely available for download.

everyone had the TU on the HDD just extract the content with Le fuffie

  1. For some reason it didn’t save on mine :anguished:
  2. Even if it had, I would’ve deleted it
  3. Even if I still had it, I’m too lazy to extract…

http://www.xbox.com/system-update-usb + wxPirs = update files.

Nice, now randoms like craig will make the new rebooter and not leak it thanks a lot.

crags not random
he has been modding since the beginning
i still remember his vids on utube LOL

+There is no need for a new Rebooter

nice job :smile: keep it up and mabey you’ll become a member of teh staff

Nice UserName Bro :smile:

I can’t tell if that was serious. The update files plus the tools to extract the update files have been public for years now. It’s not like since you have the update files, you can just make a new rebooter. If only it were that easy.

Its not that easy and its not that easy at the same time. By next week or the next few weeks my jtag will be online 12625 dash.

I know he isnt much of a randy but still his a guy who wont leak **** like new rebooters.

Once the new freeboot is out, if anyone needs help flashing a KV without a hash message me.

BTW, a couple of friends and I are making a new rebooter, if you want to help, you will get it when it is done, but we aren’t going to leak it, so don’t ask.

Eaton has already made a new rebooter, but that guy has no life, so that’s why we aren’t finished with ours yet…

^^^Both of you need to either stop lying or stop trying to do something that you’re not going to be able to do. You wonder why every time a new dashboard update comes out people wonder if this will be the end of homebrew on the current kernel? It’s because only a select few amount of people know what they’re doing and how to do it. Unless you are one of them, which I highly doubt, you aren’t going to get anywhere without help from them.

Why would i lie about this? And why the **** do i need help from that ****** eaton.

I never said Eaton…just saying that you’re going to get no where so you may as well just give up now.