14 Day Xbox Live Trial Glitch PATCHED!

Well, we all know the 14 Day Free Xbox Live Glitch with the Japanese game, right? Well, 2 days ago they updated the MHF Game and now you have to write a Japanese Captha. Many people says that its Patched and some say that the Captha is fake. :confused:


Everything gets patched like that it was only a matter of time.

Awwh , that sucks . :{

This completly sucks :anguished: i cant even get codes anymore cause of that dumb captcha

Oh really? Because I just did it this morning.

Wait, what! How is that possible? can you mind sending me like 2 codes? Thank yuu . !!

can i have a code too please

Why do people do these? Why not just buy gold on one account? Honestly just curious.

Because I don’t want to pay. I’d rather just use it for Online. I don’t even use the Apps. What is the Point of having Gold anyways? The only App you use with Gold would be Internet Explorer… And I have a Laptop sitting right beside me.

That’s not good for “RzRClanLeader” he is too poor and can’t afford XboxLive :smiley:


I haven’t paid for xbox live in like a year! This does suck though. Isn’t there a free 1 month on the dashboard?

I don’t think so . :confused:
Even if there was, I wouldn’t be able to use it cause it always gives me an Error Code! x))

No, it’s not patched. Once you get to the captcha thing it has Japanese symbols. They can be decoded(?) with this image. Don’t worry, the captcha is put into Japanese numeral form so there’s no need to learning the entire Japanese alphabet.

OMG THANK YOU! I’ll check this out and try this … (:

Any time. If you need anymore help with this, PM me. I’ll get back to you.

can u pm me a code please

You may discuss ways to get codes after this “patch” using legitimate methods Microsoft gives you.
With that in mind I will remind you all of the rules.

1.14 Requesting items, such as, but is not limited to; 48 hour trials or Microsoft Points is strictly prohibited and will result in the removal of your topic.

A copy of the rules can be found here

Can you help me cause i dont get it cause i put the words in and also can i put the numbers in english

Thanks man you’re the best

Yeah!!! Press Lt and type in the numbers