16 GB USB limit - BYPASSED!

I finally did it!:smiley:
Coming soon to JTAG, RGH, and Devkit owners!

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[Breakthrough] Introducing larger and smaller USB devices | FATXplorer

I remember when this was old news posted by you. And it was unstable. I just want it to work on Retail

Be super cool for retail, but sadly no :anguished:

Great job Eaton.

Not possible on retail because it requires patching the kernel/xam.

I thought so. It would be cool though.

Not to sound like an ass, but why is this such a big deal?

Happy I bought a copy of Fatxplorer now :smile:

Must have taken a lot of work. Good job

You can use any size USB! A lot easier than purchasing a larger internal HDD.

It’s way easier to use a USB/External then use a internal/xbox hdd while doing stuff on JTAGs/Devkits.

Anyway, great job Eaton. If I had the money I’d definitely purchase a copy of FATXplorer.

Any ETA on release ?

Damn thats awesome, great work.

C’mon, come on, come on!!!
This will be so sexy!

Very nice Eaton!

Sweet this is exactly what ive been looking for, cant wait till release:thumbsup:

so what if your RGH console was duel nand. would it work if you switched over to like the actual portion where you can go on live?

No, the retail side uses the retail nand file system.

If i still used my jtag I would love this… sigh.

Good job though… asdf

Thanks! Keep up the good work yourself.:wink:

Congrats Eaton.