19th Birthday for yah boy

Well turned 19 on this wonderful snowy day in New York!

Thank you everyone and have a wonderful day :thumbsup:

Snowing here in NJ, too. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday! Snow is falling here in CT, too.


Happy Birthday Gengar!
Keep warm and enjoy the day for what it is!
…even if it’s snowing.

Everyone is sitting here talking about snow and I’m here thinking about going to the beach

Happy birthday! What did you get me?

Happy Birthday! I’m freezing my butt off in AL, but not the first inch of snow! :cry:

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday !

Happy birthday. Enjoying 80 degree weather for you

Happy Birthday! :wink:

Happy Birthday Gengar!

Enjoy the snow. :smile:

Happy birthday!
And why does your area of New York look like the middle of nowhere?

Happy Birthday! You should see Pennsylvania haha!

Happy Birthday bud

You lived to age 19 in New York?!? You’ve been blessed.

Happy Birthday its snowing over here too. CT

Happy Birthday!

Didn’t snow for me :smile:

New York isn’t that bad…

Doesn’t really look like it is, I guess from this picture it does.

I don’t live in the city…