1TB Blue Xbox One launching alongside Forza 6

[/img]Forza 6 will be available in a very fancy new console bundle.

The Forza series is ten years old and Microsoft has found a pretty special way to mark the occasion: a limited edition blue 1TB Xbox One console to be bundled with Forza 6.

It’s not just a new colour scheme; the console case is modelled with sports car styling and features “custom automotive sound effects”. The included controller has rubberized diamond grips, too.

The pack launches on September 15 and goes for $400. You can pre-order through the Microsoft Store or select retailers. You can check it out in detail via the video and photos below.

Source: TheTechGame.com

Not a fan of that blue

OH MY GUD a new color!!! If someone really wants a custom color why not just paint it? I have a white xbox but have been thinking about painting it red.

I miss the old Xbox color scheme,

The OG Xbox had the best black to green ratio IMO.

I do love the White Xbox One though.

Looks good but I will probs just get the controller.

It can be pre-ordered here if anyone wants it: http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msusa/en_US/pdp/Xbox-One-Special-Edition-Forza-Motorsport-6-Wireless-Controller/productID.320119900

Nope, doesn’t do anything for me…

Yea me either, doesn’t look good to me.

Because not everyone wants to void their warranty by taking it apart or has the skills to do so…