[1x][Steam][Code][Game] DeadBits

Hi everyone!
giveaway DeadBits steam code its only work for steam users.
entry here:

Eh why not.

Enter me!

me please

You should seriously consider using the giveaway contest engine found Here.

I’m entering either way. Thanks.

thanks for info.

do i need make for this?
i like old way.

Yes please :stuck_out_tongue:

i made contests
entry here:

Thanks Man ! Good Luck Guys !

P.S I’m not entering as I have already got this game.

no one entry.

first to enter lol

good. thanks!

here is jake
where is fin?

finn is on a vacation

I re-entered. The giveaway engine is much better.

Thanks again for the giveaway.



Im thinks leave here guys
Devl Lord
Mails/MSG 0
Reported +100
UnWelcome -100
Idk 0

and i cant enter to this web site problem with net. (3 day i waited into fixed it)

Waiting for next week for Winner…

Thanks for the chance good luck all!

<2h left and im waiting…

Giveaway ENDED:

And see new giveaway:

and tell my what you think there.