2 Lizard Squad members arrested

good riddance

God about time now bubba can do some of his back door hacking on them

I wonder which guy was the one talking about the government making us pay taxes and mad that its illegal to pay prostitutes. They need to sit him in the mean green electrocuting machine.

I hate “Jordie”… Bruh, ignorance.

I haven’t posted on here in a while, but I must say I’m glad you young guys don’t idolize these types of nerds.

The people in the video sound like ******s

Hah thats what you get for being stupid.

This video looks weird at the 0:01 mark, but at 0:50 things really starts to get weird.

This video and this whole dilemma with Lizard Squad is so ridiculous haha.

Off topic, I did not know Keemstar still existed.

Ha, that’s exactly what I was saying in the last thread regarding this group.

I’m glad the law is getting involved, but I won’t consider this ordeal over until the attacks stop for a good amount of time and majority of the members are behind bars or hiding in a hole.

What’s the point of hacking Xbox Live? So kids don’t play video games for a day?

These guys sound ridiculous lol.

I believe they stated that as a reason and also to purely show that they’re capable of doing it. Pointless nonetheless since PSN and Xbox Live would come back on eventually.