20+ New Reasons to be Excited for TTK

We’ve given our thoughts on the big changes to come in the Taken King, including Dinklage’s departure and North being brought on board to re-record Ghost’s dialogue, and the controversial farewell song to our old Legendaries from Year 1.
As we perused the Gameinformer Cover Story available to paid-subscribers only, we discovered a wealth of new quality of life improvements, in addition to the most in-depth look at The Taken King that we’ve seen thus far.


  • “Weapons, armor, class items, and even your Ghost shell all offer perk customization as well as increased power and light for your hero.”
  • The RNG algorithm has been re-tooled to be smarter, rewarding you more frequently with items you could use, and attempting to avoid giving you those you already have.
  • Metroid Prime style opt-in lore, press a button to bring up info on something in real time.
  • “All of the original mission have been reorganized, contextualized, and placed within a larger quest framework. Even older subclasses…have dedicated quest lins that explain their use and place with the world.”
  • Vanguard vendors have quests unlocked at certain points of progression.
  • Subclass quests: The Titan’s quest will have you interacting with a rogue mercenary clan of Titans, who can teach you the ability to harness the power of the sun. The Hunter’s quest will lead him or her to track down a solitary nomad who has gone missing – and who holds the key to unlocking the power of Void energy. Finally, the Warlock will tap into the power of the storm through a shamanistic ritual with Ikora Rey
  • “Quests from the ominous Eris Morn lead to the rediscovery of a forgotten weapon type.”

  • “Quests from the ominous Eris Morn lead to the rediscovery of a forgotten weapon type.”
  • “Equippable emotes are now available below your emblem selection.”
  • Holding L2 on the pause screen gives an instant glimpse at the energy types equipped on each weapon. New item and subclass visual icons have been redesigned for quick recognition at a glance.”
  • Tiers (thresholds) for Intellect/Discipline/Strength that tell in seconds what your cooldown is, rather than a percentage that you have to find out.
  • “As an alternative to using or sharding your new high-powered Legendary weapons and armor, you can also improve an item you like by sacrificing another piece from the same gear slot.”
  • “The Cryptarch more reliably provides rewards that match the Engrams you give him.”
  • Gunsmith has reputation meter that can be leveled by testing out common prototypes in the field. These test weapons have a “built-in challenge” like killing Hive on the Dreadnaught, or using a sniper rifle to get headshots in the Crucible. Check out as many as you want at a time.
    – Hit a certain rep level with the Gunsmith, and he’ll open up Armsday purchases.
    – Pay glimmer to order a new Legendary weapon, and Wednesday that weapon arrives with a random set of perks.
  • Legendary marks replace “Crucible” and “Vanguard” marks. “Armor Materials” replace Hadronic Essence, Sapphire Wire, Plasteel Plating.

  • No longer have to wear class items to gain reputation. Instead you “pledge allegiance” to gain rep for a faction, one at a time. Turn in unwanted materials for reputation.
  • No more Emblem/Shaders taking up precious Vault space! Shader console & Emblem console in the Tower, housing all of the Emblems & Shaders you own.
    – “We’re still bumping into a technical limitation for vault space. We are exploring options for getting stuff out of players’ inventories via these kiosks that we’ve placed around the tower, but we’re still working toward a solution that we’re excited about.”
  • You can change the displayed weapon in the Tower.
  • Over a dozen new Exotic weapons. Half a dozen new armor pieces for each class. Auto Rifle that shoots bolts of chain lightning, Sniper rifle blinds enemies on precision hit.
    – “No Time To Explain” is an Exotic version of the Stranger’s Rifle, sort of.
    – Sleeper Simulant is a Heavy Fusion Rifle that charges an over-penetration laser through enemy targets and bounces off walls.
    – An Exotic gained through multi-step search quest on the Dreadnaught; pieces are hidden all over.
  • All Exotic unique namesake perks are immediately unlocked.

  • Expanded Crucible: 8 new maps and 3 new modes. The modes are Mayhem, Rift, & Zone Control – only controlling matters, kills don’t.
    – Quests to ease new players in. 5 weekly bounties in addition to much faster daily bounties. Finish all 5 weekly bounties to unlock a big bad bounty where you have a chance at a powerful reward like a Legendary/Exotic weapon.
    – Better matchmaking for skill and connection.
    – The Crucible will have a “mercy rule” that will end “dramatically misbalanced” matches early to preserve player sanity/K/D
  • Narrative-driven story with 8+ lengthy missions, seamlessly integrated with strikes, public events, class quests, and eventually, the raid – King’s Fall.
    – Complete the main storyline for access to the ancillary “The Taken War”, with harder, narrative-driven missions that have us revisiting old locales like the Vault of Glass.
    — “I undertook a mission in to the Vault of Glass called Unsealed Paradox, which finally provides some answers regarding the fate of Praedyth.”
  • Four new strikes (three for non PS users), plus three remixed older strikes. Presence of several “raid-light” mechanics to keep things mentally engaging.
    – Strikes aim for replayability, cycling species you might fight, & altering enemy configurations. Multiple narrations to provide more info as you replay the strike.

The Taken Foes:

  • Taken Captains: Solar shields, throw out slow moving balls of darkness that blind Guardians.
  • Taken Knights: AoE Scorch attack that dissuades close combat.
  • Taken Centurions: Possess deadly tracking shots that can aggressively seek around corners.
  • Taken Wizards: Can summon “shadow thralls” for a zerg-like rush. Eliminate them fast or risk being overwhelmed.
  • Taken Psions: Have the ability to multiply if they are not quickly dispatched.
  • Taken Vandals: Deploy a Defender Titan-like Shield, that restores their health and is permeable to their fire alone.
  • Taken Phalanxes: Have an impulse blast that applies a physics impetus, much like their notorious shields.
  • Taken Thralls: Can teleport short distances to frustrate attempts to pick them off easily.


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Ok i am know a little more interested seems like bungie is starting to get a few things right…soooo hope this new RNG loot system is better cause still tired of getting things i already have

All the new changes look good… but I’m still not excited for TTK. Not one bit.

Even though The Taken King is claimed to be double the size of any pre-existing Destiny expansion?
(Bungie has stated Taken King would be like Destiny 1.5 also.)

Yeah. I feel like they’re adding all these awesome features way too late into the game. It’s like heists for GTA all over again. By the time all the cool stuff gets released, I’m completely bored of the game.

Come on man, you can’t expect a game like Grand Theft Auto: V to release content every time you turn around just because it’s growing old on you; whether you’re getting charged for it or not. Sure if you went back through my three thousand posts I’m sure you’d find at least one post of mine where I too am complaining about the heists and them not releasing or the game growing stale, but, once they announced and showed off the highly awaited content, I couldn’t help but sit back and ponder on all the effort that had to go in to making the heists what they are so we can enjoy them alas! (ex: If Rockstar did follow their original schedule for heists then they could have been releasing the content during a time in which wasn’t the greatest glitch wise, thus having to hear the complaints from the community, thus failing with the major, end-game content!)

Do I feel as if Bungie has treated the first portion of their new game as a giant beta? Kind of. Do I think somethings needed to be addressed quicker then others or sooner then they did? Without a doubt. Am I behind Bungie all the way from here on out? Nope, I still feel as if they have a lot to learn and fix. But, you can’t forgo that fact that we have yet to reach the one year mark for Destiny and that Rome wasn’t built in a day! Personally, I regret ever leaving the game of Destiny for the period of time that I did because I missed out on certain aspects of the game and feel as if I didn’t get to experience those same experiences that everyone else was able to enjoy. Plus, with Bungie implementing different versions of certain items, I, again, regret taking the hiatus and seeing others with items that I could have acquired. (ex: The original Titan Iron Banner class item.)

…Just so you know, I’m not saying these things to try and convert you to join those who are excited for The Taken King, that’s honestly the last thing I’m trying to do because I see it as “Eh, that just means more Destiny for me and less for you.”, I’m just kind of shocked knowing that someone I once played with, who seemed to always be online doing something within Destiny, isn’t any what excited for an expansion that is going to be a lot larger then any of the previously released expansions; especially one that is claimed to be explaining or venturing further into the Destiny story that we all are so confused about! Lol

I didn’t think it was too necessary to create a brand new thread regarding this video/topic.
…may answer the questions some may have regarding this new expansion.

I’m not sure if I missed something in there, but they mentioned that year-one weapons will be ‘left-behind’, but what about Exotics?

Bungie has confirmed that all pre-existing exotics will be useful in The Taken King. How they’ll be upgraded into the new attack levels is still unknown though. (ex: That’s why people are speculating weapons like the MIDA Multi-Tool and Hard Point are going to be the next go-to-weapons in Crucible/Iron Banner/etc.)

Hard Point? Have you been playing COD recently? lol

Oops, that’s obviously not right. Lol
…I was getting off of Destiny for the night after assisting a friend defeat Skolas for the first time; he now has the Year-1 emblem completed.

TR0Y, I’m sure you know which weapon I was trying to refer to but just in case you didn’t or don’t, I was trying to mention the Hard Light. Again, Bungie has stated that exotic weapons will be following us into The Taken King expansion and aren’t getting left behind like the Year-01 legendary weapons, but we just don’t know how they’ll be ascended into the newer levels of attack to be anything useful.

This is good to know and hopefully will be the case. If I can’t take my favourite Legendary weaponry with me, I sure hope I can still take my favourite Exotics!

Legendaries will still be valuable in the crucible.

Hopscotch Pilgrim, etc