2048 Game

Have any of you guys played the game 2048? It’s a puzzle based game that can be played on both the internet and mobile devices. In the game there is a 4x4 grid with 2 tiles to start, and with each move another tile is added. You can combine tiles of the same number into one number. It’s very fun and quite addictive if I must say so myself. The overall goal of the game is to get the 2048 tile but, that may seem difficult. No worries, there is a score board at the top that tracks your score, so if you don’t get 2048 you can still get 2048, if you catch my drift. Although numbers are involved it’s not really a math game, it’s quite simple once you get the gist of it. It cropped up back in May 2014 when it was released as an app on the mobile platform, it had been on the internet for a while. It’s almost like Flappy Bird so to speak, seeing as so many clones have been made and it had gotten so popular like many of their other simple puzzle games have. Wall Street Journal even said, “almost like Candy Crush for math geeks” You know something is getting “up there” when Wall Street Journal is speaking on it. I really suggest you try it! You can play it here http://gabrielecirulli.github.io/2048/ for free! The way I see it is whether or not you like it, it is here to stay!

Dude your like 6 months behind. Everyone in my school had it over the school year.

Well, everyone in my school had it in the beginning of the school year and probably over the summer too. I just thought I would post this for the people that don’t know about it. My most sincere apologies. Also, good luck in college!

Well I wasnt trying to be rude. Just wanted to say that this was like the next temple run and candy crush. It was a huge hit but I like every fad, it came to an end.

I played this game a lot while I was doing nothing at work. Really good game in my opinion, and also really annoying at the same time. I don’t even know my hiscore as I don’t have the ipod i played it on anymore, don’t think I ever made 2048 tho, had 1024 two times on the board but didn’t manage to merge them :anguished:

But like FC Barca said, this game is quite old now hahaha

their* whether*

Their is no need to correct someones spelling or grammar mistake. I never played the game as it didn’t appeal to me.

I see what you did there. I was just doing what most 3-4 year tenure and high status members do, members who think they’re “all that”. Punish people who make simple mistakes with complete and utter embarrassment.