2k21 MyCareer file deletes after exiting game

Using WeMod in MyCareer (NBA games only, NOT park) is freaking awesome. I get to make the grind easier to handle and actually have some fun after just getting the game.

That is until I want to stop playing.

Once I decide I am done for the day and I want to close the app, my MyCareer save file gets 100% wiped from my system and is nowhere to be found. I have seen that this is more of an Epic Games issue, but if anyone has any solutions to this that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community.

Yes, this is an issue with the Epic Games version of the game. It is not caused by WeMod nor does this issue occur on the Steam version of the game.

There have been some possible solutions posted in the trainer’s official thread, from here downwards: NBA 2K21 Cheats and Trainer for Epic Games - #47 by Ravenfyre.

Please use official trainer threads for discussing trainers, so the information is easier to find. You can quickly go to these threads by clicking the “Discussion” button in the trainer itself. :slight_smile:

Closing this thread for organisational reasons. Please continue in the official thread linked above if needed, thank you. :slight_smile: