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Here’s a simple little quick overview of my server on Xbox 360.

I hope you enjoy it and who knows, maybe I can share with you my map … :smiley:

Here is the evolution of my server every day:

And finally, my new “little” playground for my next project … 170x80 surface!

There are some amazing buildings.

Dammmnnn that world is amazing!

Looks very nice.

Good work.

Dang nice world.

Thank you all.

My new project is expected to more or less look like this:

Yes … it is the Taj Mahal! :smiley:

Wow a really amazing world, i really hope you share this one day, would love to explore it


I don’t think xbox will ever have servers maps on xbox are to small.

Only 862x862 … it’s really too small. :cry:

Update the server with a small building under water (submarine base), before tackling the big jobs for the Taj Mahal.

I can help you out, im pretty good at making unique buildings, hit me up

GT- Sell Ounces

What three flags are those? Look Denmark, German, and French.

My server combines several nationalities, so there is an embassy for each country. (Switzerland, Belgium, French and Jamaica) :wink:

I was close :stuck_out_tongue:

looks SICK

Holly cow, this world gets more amazing after every update…Incredible work your doing, keep it up

Thats a ton of pics o_O
Awesome world!

I dont think I have ever had to scroll down so much on this site…