360 Hardrive hack


I was searching internet for hard drive hack for xbox360 slim and i find out that it is not so easy… Right now i am using 3.5 inch 350 Gb WD Hardrive as a internal hardrive via usb i know it only use around 32 gb and my rest of the hard drive is free and of no use and that 3.5 in hardrive use extra power … i was thinking if i buy 40 Gb 2.5 inch Hard drive format it throw usb from xbox360 and remove it and put in the internal space provided in xbox360 will it work ??? My xbox360 Is jtag…

Thanks for reading all this and helping me :smile:


You said it was a slim so I am going to assume that by Jtag you mean RGH.

What type of modification to your hard drive are you trying to do? Your OP really made no sense, try to type in proper English please, it makes things easier to read.

Yes you are right RGH… My simple question is that if i buy 40 gb hard drive format it via usb throw xbox360 and after that i put that hard in the internal space of xbox360 will it work ??

okay try using a different word than throw.