360 title updates

Does anyone know where I can find good usable title updates for games? I used to use this website (XBOX 360 Update Center) but as of a few months ago, no matter what update I install, via Forza, Far Cry 3 Angry Birds, Gears, Prototype, NFS, etc, my rgh xbox just says the game is corrupt and needs to be reinstalled, so I delete the title update and bam the game works again. Or am I doing something wrong?

I am taking the title updates and uploading them via Horizon to the sub folder labeled ‘title updates’.

Any ideas or location of good updates or what I could be doing wrong?=\

marketplace.jqe360.com | Xbox 360 marketplace Database

You could also install Freestyle Dash which has a built in function where you can download title updates and pick and choose which TUs you wish you have activated. Also, you should be installing the TUs in the cache folder on your HDD. You can do this with Xex menu.

Thanks, ill give this site a try and see what I get.

editstill not seeing any changes, tried uploading my updates through xexmenu, loading them via my usb stick, through my HDD and still nothing. It does show under my game data that a file is there but just states ‘incomplete’ and only gives me an option to delete the file that has the yellow exclamation mark.

well bad news is even after updating my dash and avatar iteams to the new 16203 dash and installing the game updates to my HDD cache or even usb stick via xexmenu, still nothing…anyone else have any ideas? Im at a lose of wat to try…:(:frowning:

seems like the only way i can get this to work is to get the game, go online with it, then an update automatically kicks me offline and starts to download…anyone have a clue as to what im doing wrong or what im missing?

I use to put/create a new folder inside the game folder itself, called $SystemUpdate and would put the TU’s in there, it has been a long time since I’ve touched or even owned a jtag so this may or may not be any help, but that is what I use to do, so… Good luck!

Edit: Via XexMenu or Horizon, whichever you choose as more convenient.

yea, I’ve tried to load these new updates via Horizon and xexmenu and still just blank. My main examples I’m trying are Angry Birds (to get my DLC’s to show) and Far Cry 3 cause I know the new title update allows me to reset all my sites so I can retake them over again and again but I’m not getting anything off those. All my other games I haven’t tried any updates with them since I don’t mind playin without them…if this helps further diagnose my issue with some.

Although, my Gears of War Judgment update works…sometimes…and that’s the frustrating part.

para que no alga eso tienes que actualizar tu dashboard