360 usb mod tools

decided to share with yall to :smile:
download here all my xbox 360 usb mod tools with some extras :wink:.rar

Could you list the contents of your file please?

okay its 79.2mb big dang downloading it to open it right now

Question is, what’s in the .RAR?

is it a program or something?

You fail to comprehend simple English.

I am asking what the contents are of his .rar file…


there you guys go thats whats inside that file

GruntMods = FAG

Hmh virus scan?

Ill download anyway avast always catches viruses for meh :smiley:

Dang i downloaded it Huge File.

thanx for downloading guys. i was just trying to help people get the majority of 360 usb mod tools. next time il post a virus scan.

360Revolution Is A Mod Tool From XPGamesaves Made By C0ma And A Few Others

I’ll try it out I guess.

Lol, publicly released Halo Reach mods, I hope they aren’t Horizon mods :wink:

yeah i was going to say the same thing but he has a readme in the rar “all tools are not created by me. all rights go to the respective developers. i hope you enjoy these tools as much as me.”

how come everytime i click it, it says a recent attempt to attack my pc was blocked >.<

i didnt download it lol it just says that if i click it.

Caboose, you are always too kind :smiley: