4Chan - 17year old girl, suicide


What are your thought on trolling? I thought this was pretty sad, after looking at this I have a new look on trolling.

this is why i dont troll…

50% of trolls are just straight up ******s

whatever happened to the classy trolls :\

This is sad. Trolls /:

No fun anymore.

I don’t see the point in trolling.

I thought Rebecca Black suicided

EDIT : She is pretty hot, I can’t believe people do this.
EDIT : I don’t understand the point of “Trolling” all it is is people trying to be funny and get attention.

That’s very sad :anguished:
you can change your ip easily

how is this trolls fault? thats her own fault she shot her self or what ever. i dont feel bad at all

I don’t understand 4chan, I went to it and got lost.

Trolling makes me laugh, I just fight back until they give up.
I don’t see how people can get so worked up over some ‘messages’.
I didn’t find this sad, because I don’t know how you can get so angry by someone just messaging.

To much of that **** can push someone over the edge. Especially if someone is in a weak mental state of mind

They’re kinda blowing “trolling” completely out of proportion.
There’s the joking portion who just do it to annoy you guys [Me :3]

And there’s the ■■■■■■■ ones.
That’s more along the lines of bullying, not trolling.

You should never bully someone in a depressive state, or bully anyone in general. Its ****ed up.
Trolling you do for the sake to piss people off, not make them sad and depressed.

A bit of a stupid reason to take your own life, but it’s still pretty sad none the less.

Yea 4chan makes no sense

They ant trolls like us they are monsters


This is a top comment on the video
"“FaceBook collects it every time you interact with thier site…” (Regarding IP addresses)

Yes, they do, but not primarily for the purpose of keeping track of people. They use it to generate session cookies to keep you logged in, not to track down people who state the obvious about dead ******s."

I do not get why people get down over the internet and bullying I do not understand people I just want to punch them. Who cause what other people think about you. This just gets me so pissed.

But this is sad :confused:

Makes sense if you go on it for a bit. Some of the boards are actually pretty good.

so sad :anguished:

She did.
She walked into a football stadium and there was too many seats for her to choose from.
Just couldn’t take it…