$5 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Minimum Posts: 100
Minimum Thanks: 50

This is in celebration for the release of Destiny coming out tomorrow. Stay tuned since I’ll be giving away a $20 Amazon gift card next week.

Contest ends 9/12/14 5:00 PM EST

Thanks for the giveaway!

Entered. Thanks for the giveaway!

Entered, thank you !

Thanks and best of luck to all who enter!

3 more hours!

Congrats Steve Wonda, I’m jealous on the inside! Lol

Sweet…I won! Thanks IAmTawsif and don’t be jelly SNiPaZoR, you’ve won plenty and this is only $5.

So Steve Wonda, tell HMB what you plan on doing with the extra cash!

I’m thinking about buying you a pair of My Little Pony socks. You like?

Isn’t really up my alley, but than again the thought is more important than the item itself!
Thanks bud!

Cool with me bro. I’ve decided I’ll drop a little extra cash and get a 3rd sock to cover my private parts, that will be my Halloween costume this year. If you guys don’t see me on here November 1st I’m probably behind bars with a bunch of tootsie rolls stuffed in my socks. Lol, where threads can go sometimes.