5 dollar xbox game card help

hi I am almost to 500 points for the 5 dollar xbox game card on bing rewards and wanted to know something if I add the card to my xbox and I get a 3 dollar one to does it add both so I could buy a game that cost 8 dollars or do I have to use the 5 dollar one and then the 3 dollar one :interrobang::help::help::help::help::help:

It’s just like money in the bank, your pocket, or your wallet. What you have in total is what you can spend.

ok but one more thing when I go to buy something does it ask me for my card or would it just use the money I put on it from the game card

You redeem the card codes on your 360 and it adds the dollar amount to your available balance.

ok ty :smile:

They add the money together, because when I changed my gamertag I only have $5 in Xbox currency. Then I added my PayPal account and they took the extra $5 from the PayPal account and just added them together to make $10 so it was enough for the gamertag change.