5 Things Every Gamer Does (apparently)

I don’t know if you guys can relate to any of these in the video above but here is my take on things…

  1. I am pretty honest with my gameplay and performances. I don’t ever claim to be good or “pr0” at any game. I also have no problems holding my hands up if I am in the wrong or have been defeated.

  2. Sorry, I really can’t stand having grubby hands when playing. If I gotta eat/drink, then I will either pause the game or turn it off.

  3. I have lost my temper with game in the past but this was when I was aged between 10-16, over 10 year ago now! I can’t say I have played online against anyone who has lost the cool either.

  4. Going to the bathroom/toilet in the shortest space of time during intervals of a game… No, just no :confused: Gaming is a hobby, not a discipline. Use the pause button or back out of the lobby, that’s why these features are in place.

  5. I have been guilty of ignoring my low battery warnings and I have paid the consequences many times.

Any of the above true/false in your lives?

EDIT: I think they missed one out…

  1. Not saving your game. This isn’t so much of an issue today because most game include an auto-save feature. But back in the day of games like Resident Evil, I have died and had to restart at a much earlier point in the game.
  1. My excuse is they are better than me unless it is obvious they are cheating.
  2. I’ve never eaten while playing. It is a damn game, take the 10 minutes to go eat.
  3. When I use to play COD4 competitively I would get pissed when we made a stupid mistake and would yell.
  4. I use to run back and forth in COD because I was usually playing with friends or we were limited to time between rounds in a match.
  5. Have never done that because I’ve always used wired or play n charge. Also wired mouse>

For people who don’t want to watch it.

  1. Every gamer has their excuses.
  2. Every gamer eats while playing to save time.
  3. Every gamer rages.
  4. Every gamer puts off going to the bathroom.
  5. Every gamer runs out of batteries.

My answers.

  1. Yup couldn’t be more true for every gamer.
  2. Nope, I get off the game and watch Netflix while eating.
  3. Can’t deny it I get pretty mad in some games.
  4. Yup…
  5. Have a rechargeable battery pack but it still happens.
  1. They’re hacking/They’re lagging
  2. What’s wrong with a little snack while playing?
  3. Scream my ****ing ass off with all my windows open
  4. Nope, unless I’m doing something I can’t pause with a group of friends
  5. Never - Rechargeable batteries, once batteries die, use the ones I had charged

I do all of these except getting angry and the battery thing

1. Every gamer has their excuses.
– Majority of the time I don’t have an excuse or proceed to make one up; especially with theater mode. I’m not going to sit here and say that I’ve never made one, but I feel as if complaining about a death just holds up me calling it out to my teammate(s) so they don’t get killed. (There have been a few times in GTA: Online where I’ve complained because another player was able to shoot, evade, and kill himself all at the exact same time; for all the hours I’ve put into that game I still don’t know how that people did so and could be justified as playing fairly!)

2. Every gamer eats while playing to save time.
– Yes and no, I’ll have a drink or snack while playing a game, but not a full on meal!

3. Every gamer rages.
– Without any questions, I could even have my friends provide stories, I used to be horrible when it came to raging. (Gears of War: 2)

4. Every gamer puts off going to the bathroom.
– The upstairs bathroom isn’t far from my room so I’ve never had any issues with going and worrying about missing something in-game. Plus, I normally go in between matches or something; not during a match.

5. Every gamer runs out of batteries.
– Psh, it’s called purchased a wired controller or Play-N-Charge kit.

None of that has ever happened to me ironically.