50 2-Day Xbox Live trial codes

I’m giving away 50 of my 2-day trial codes for Xbox Live. That’s equal to 100 days of Xbox Live.

NOTE: You can only play some games with Xbox Live trial codes. I know for a fact that you cannot play Destiny with them.

I’m setting a minimum of 10 posts and 5 thanks for the giveaway.
Winner will be picked on Saturday.

Enter Here: http://www.yourgamercard.net/xboxmb/contests/UHS0

Good luck :sunglasses:

Well, thank you very much for doing this! ^-^

Your welcome :smile:

very nice cool contest thanks for making this who ever wins well have a lot of fun :smile:

very nice cool contest thanks for making this who ever wins well have a lot of fun :smile: btw when does the contest end friend?

Sweet giveaway, thanks man.

Thanks for this. I need some of these badly right about now(they will keep my kid busy after his homework is done, I will get to relax.)

Damnnn, that’s quite a giveaway.

You might consider splitting reward so you can have multiple contents so there are multiple winners.

But thanks anyways!

if I win ill give u 25 of them :smile:

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no thanks :smile: ᶫᵒᶫ

If I win you can have like 40 of them

How did you get your hands on 50 codes? Sounds to good to be true :wink:

why would he make a contest if it wasn’t ture and I QUOTE QUOTE…

You take advantage of trial offers using disposable email accounts. If you’re good at it you could get hundreds, even thousands a day.

how do u get code tho ? from the Walmart thing if so how do I use it

use the trial code? Just type it in the “redeem code” thing on your xbox. :smile:

I got a whole bunch of them a while back ago when someone made a code generator from the ruffles page. I don’t know of any other methods because that one was fixed. I just decided to give the last of them away :smile:

no I mean like how do u get them like from what thing bc when I try to use Walmart it don’t work :l

The method I used was months ago and is already gone. With the Walmart method, I believe they ran out of codes from what I’ve heard. There is no other method at the moment for trials that I know of… sorry.