65 Skyrim Tricks

Found a .txt file on my hd and can’t remember why I have it.Anyways here!Pretty cool stuff!
If there is a underline and is red that indicates it’s wrong.

  1. Use a torch while lockpicking and it becomes easier

  2. Shops and Merchants restock their gold and supplies every 48hours in game.

  3. You can command your follower to pick a lock, pick something up, or even steal and etc…

  4. Mammoths and Giants can’t walk on rocky terrain or walk in ponds and water that requires swimming.

  5. Your horse can climb up mountains that you couldn’t on foot.

  6. You can place baskets on peoples head and then steal their stuff without them noticing

  7. You can fast travel while over encumbered with a horse.

  8. Giving gold to a beggar will put a blessing on you that increases your speech skill by 10.

  9. When you break a pick or turn the lock when it’s in the wrong position, the pick will “flick” towards the correct position.

  10. When you increase your stamina you also increase your maximum carry capacity by 5.

  11. When paying tutors to upgrade skills, you can pickpocket your cash back. It drops to 50-50 chance at about 2000septims.

  12. Siding with the Imperials in the beginning allows you take things from around Alvors forge in Riverwood.

  13. Dragons stop flying if you use Ice spells on them.

  14. Mines and Dungeons respawn every month (30 in game days).

  15. The “Impact” perk in the Destruction tree will stop a dragon from breathing fire/frost.

  16. Re-equipping any item with +## to Maximum Magicka on it, when your mana pool is depleted, will restore that amount.

  17. Arrows are now weightless (alot of people did not notice this).

  18. Using Lvl 3 Unrelenting Force to knock **** off of cliffs will insta-kill all non-flying enemies.

  19. Fire = Damage + Dots (damage over time), Frost = Damage + half of that damage to Stamina, Lightning = Damage + Half of that damage to Magicka.

  20. Lightning > Frost/Fire in regards to speed. (how fast it travels)

  21. Pickpocket someone who shoots target dummies with arrows, and take the arrows they were using (usually iron or steel). Then, give them one of the arrow type you want more of. They will now shoot that type of arrow instead of the one they were shooting before. Simply collect the arrows as they hit the target dummy to get as many arrows as desired. (note that this will require the perk to pickpocket equipped weapons.)

  22. DO NOT KILL THAT CHICKEN. The people will hate you if you are seen.

  23. In a dungeon, you can turn off the torches to help with sneak attacks. Hiding in the dark enemies can walk right passed you and wont see as long as you are fully in the dark

  24. Imperials (or those with great calming skills) should invest some perk points in 1handed for damage and sneak to get 15x crit with daggers. using voice of the empire will cause most enemies to turn their back to you. take that time to sneak and knife them. this has saved me from brutal deaths by lightning blasts multiple times.

  25. Not only do fire spells do the most damage, they seem to also cost less than frost and shock spells.

  26. Atronachs are completely immune to spells of their own type, so if you are mainly a fire spell user, the best atronach to use is the fire one, as you can use your spells without needing to worry about damaging your minion.

27.Your companion can carry an unlimited number and weight of stuff, but only if you tell them to pick them up in command mode.

  1. You can skip the dialogue and go straight to command mode by pointing your cursor at your companion from far enough away that the “talk” option doesn’t appear, and holding the ‘use’ button.

  2. Whirlwind Sprint can be used as a long-jump. There are some areas you can only reach this way

  3. Go by random townspeople and show off some Shouts (don’t attack them). If they’ve never seen it before, they’ll exclaim their surprise or something. Some time after you arrive in any major city, a courier will give you a letter from an anonymous person giving you a misc. quest towards a word wall. You can also talk to Arngeir one of the greybeards, after completing his tasks he can point you to more word walls. Some words can only be learned through the main quest.

  4. Sleeping in a bed you own or a bed at an inn will give you a buff for 8 hours that increases ALL skill gains by 10%.

  5. Unlike yourself trees are resistant to fire and ice breath of dragons. if there is a tree around hide behind it. (I tend to use this on dragons and I have used on a Dragon Priest. )

  6. If you cast various buff spells on yourself before turning into a Werewolf, you keep the buffs once you enter the form, it is a good idea to use spells like Oakskin to help reduce damage.

34: If you dismount your horse while in water then mount it again, the horse will be able to run and sprint as if it was on land, due to most enemies not going into deep water this is really useful if you want to get somewhere safely .

  1. Using enough lightning damage(or drain/absorb magicka) against a dragon will stop them from breathing fire/frost, but they will still do the animation(due to being out of magicka).

  2. Skyforge weapons level up with you
    Example: you have a skyforge sword that does 10 damage, level up and now it does 13 damage.

  3. You can raise Conjuration/Destruction easily too by summoning a wolf familiar and then destroying it with any Destruction spell for 0 coin cost.

  4. Dragons attacking you? Got you feeling down and out with no good magic resistance on your side? If you have the spell “Rally”, go around buffing up the guards of the town who are shooting arrows and don’t forget your companion (either temporary for a quest or personally chosen), they’ll love you forever for buffing them!

  5. If you sleep with your spouse 10 times if you married a woman she will become pregnant.

  6. You can instantly kill Forsworn Briarhearts by pickpocketing their heart.

  7. You can jump up mountains by running back and forth while hitting the hell out of the jump button.

  8. If you want a trader to refresh their stock without having to wait for three in-game days, save while standing in close vicinity to the trader you want to refresh, kill them, and then load your previous save. Their stock will have been refreshed with new items. This can be done to your heart’s leisure.

  9. Complete the Stones of Berenziah quest early if you never want to have to worry about money again.
    (You get a perk called Prowler’s Profit that increases your chance of finding additional gems in chests.)

  10. When training with Vilkas at Jornvaskr (companions building) if you use destruction magic against him instead of using melee weapons your destruction will increase and will not cause any hostility. so simply do this until u get too 100.

  11. The lockpicking skill gains some XP when you break lockpicks.

  12. Level up conjuration by casting courage at any NPC or any person who is not attacking you.

  13. If you look your follower eye to eye when they’re blocking a doorway they’ll move. This isn’t super important but it aggravates the **** out of me when they’re in the way.

  14. If your archery skill is high enough, it begins to auto aim for you, all you have to do is have the enemy somewhere within the crosshair.

  15. If you are over-encumbered yet close to a store, you can equip a bow, crouch and aim. You will walk slightly faster than normal walking.

  16. When leveling up, increasing Magicka, Health or Stamina will replenish your health, magicka, or stamina bar.

  17. In some Dwemer ruins there are pistons that shoot upwards, if you stand on them you can sometimes get to secret places.

  18. Dismiss your followers at their ‘home’ location. They can get stuck on the trip back & become lost to you.

  19. Making an iron dagger gives as much xp as any other iron items, saving you much gold and easily levelling up your smithing. It takes about 10-13 iron daggers to level up your smithing at levels 90-100. If you enchant the daggers with petty souls, they become worth 200-280 , making a good return on investment.

  20. You can kill exposed Draugr while they’re still sleeping in the coffins if you have a good enough sneak, or you can just shoot em with arrows.

  21. When trapping a smaller soul than the gem intended for, just drop it on the ground and it will empty itself. Eg. If you trapped a petty soul in a grand soulgem, just drop it on the ground and pick it up again.

  22. If you marry someone who can train you, you can take your money back off them so make sure your spouse in a Master trainer.

  23. If you free Derkeethus from Darkwater Pass he can become your companion and is apparently invincible.

  24. If you fall into the water from high place you will not die.

  25. You can manually equip pickaxes and “attack” rocks with them to get ores.

  26. Sneak attacks with daggers are completely silent. so pretend there are two people next to eachother. If you sneak behind one and kill them with a dagger, the other wont notice, but if you use any other weapon, the other guy will notice no matter how good your sneak.

  27. You can easily level pickpocket by reverse pickpocketing items into NPCs, then pickpocketing them back.

  28. If you give your companion a torch they will use it at night.

  29. There are 10 treasure maps located in Skyrim leading you to a treasure chest.

  30. There is a a little canoe wreck in Skyrim that has many gems and some cash located on the boat.

  31. Items in random stored containers can disappear in around 3 days unless stored in your home.

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