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7 Days to Die Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Freezing the time of day would be pretty cool.


can u add an instant kill on all zombies u hit and unlimited items mod? (unlimited items working for items in inventory?)


Hello trainer maker. I would like to complain that dog is immune to damage or explosions. Is this because I am playing with an older version of 7 days to die? (15.1 alpha 64 bit). The cheat worked fine for me except that the dog will not die. I really appreciate it if anyone can clarify this by playing with the latest patch available right now.


Is the dog your companion or an enemy? Maybe further ahead in game, the code affects dogs or allies.


The zombie dog enemy is immune to ak47 and rocket launcher. Crawling zombie was also unaffected by rocket launcher, but possible to kill using an Ak47. Ok, thanks for the information.


i had some issues with the game crashing. not sure why. ill do further testing soon


@STN can we please get insta kill zombies, aka easy kills?


played it for 2 days now, didnt crash xD id just love insta kill and maybe some way to un-do broken legs faster or something. like a super heal thing. xD i dunno.


It’s one of those games which require you to start from scratch, find things, build things then you get to encounter enemies etc. Very time-consuming (a sought after experience for a gamer but not for a cheat maker :stuck_out_tongue: )

Besides, i am not sure if enemies health is shared.


Ahh, i see… is it possible to make ur own damage increase somehow then? or is that hard to do too?

maybe add extra skillpoints or lvls?


also maybe if its possible to do stuff like add max stack of items when looking at that item, similar to the no man’s sky item mod? that would be nice.


can we maybe get a mod that makes it so theres no crafting requirements? aka no items needed to craft items? that would be awesome. lemme know ^^


@STN so, i tried playing 7 days to die today, but i keep getting errors, and the game just stops being playable when using unlimited health, stamina and wellness… not sure what causes it, but the f1 console comes up and spams error messages, cant esc it, it just keeps popping up, i have to close the game entirely when that happens.

EDIT: the error message says in red text: ExecutionEngineException: SIGILL

this gets repeated over n over. xD



I can’t help with infinity v3 issues, please post in the beta thread. The reason for that is so they don’t get lost and they don’t have anything to do with the trainer either.


oh right.


This game needs 1 more cheat and it’s complete. Speed modifier for attacks (for repair- building - block destroying)


Please update 7 days to die trainer for alpha 16 that was out recently. Thank you :slight_smile: . Also, I would love to see a cheat - cannot break our leg by falling from high place.


Which cheats have stopped working?


All of it. Everything did not work anymore.