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7 Days to Die Cheats and Trainer for Steam


@STN 7 Days to Die had a new update. So nothing is working at all can you please add it to your To-Do list for a update… And Thank You for all the hard work you do. :grin:


Ow, i gotta do a few more requests as they’ve been piling up for months so updates might be some weeks later. Can you wait a bit ? if not, i’ll do it first but i’ve post-poned this game because no pro members (except you now) want it updated and not many users either.


You know there is never no rush take your time update when you can I know you have a lot to do.


i’d also like this to be updated if possible, i love the game and plan to play it a lot the following weeks.


Hey so I am trying to use this, it makes sounds, but nothing happens! Could you please help? Thank you!


STN keeps public list of what he is working on.

7 days to die is listed under game updates.


Please update the cheat trainer for 7 days to die as there has been some new patches for 7 days to die and because of this the cheat has stopped working!


I have had this happen to me too


Everybody please be patient there is a lot of mods ahead, let him finish those first, then he’ll get to this one…


any way we can lock degredation and clip size/ammo of held weapon?


The 7 Days to Die cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


tried using this today, can’t get unlimited health to work. i tried taking damage before turning it on too.


Do others work?


i havent tested others yet, i’ll check.


i re-tested and it seems like i was wrong, it works. i just had to wait a bit longer for it to activate. :slight_smile: seems like everything is a-ok!


Could You add Something for Adding items to our characters inventory? Please and thank you!


@STN Could you please Make a option for Unlimted skill points? [level up menu] Thanks.


@STN i wish me more options in the trainer when you have time :smiley:


The only cheats that seem to work for me are the Speed Modification and Temperature Control ones. The rest won’t even activate when toggled. I made sure to turn EAC off, so that shouldn’t be an issue. Also, I tested it out in Single Player.


I just noticed that the trainer doesen’t work for 32 Bit version. Any chance you could add support for it?