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7 Days to Die Cheats and Trainer for Steam




If you can, update the trainer please. I’m in the same place as Pesmerga: “The only cheats that seem to work for me are the Speed Modification and Temperature Control ones. The rest won’t even activate when toggled. I made sure to turn EAC off, so that shouldn’t be an issue. Also, I tested it out in Single Player.”


Huh? Trainer works, do something related to the cheat first since it’s a unity game.


Would be really awesome to get an ignore crafting requirements cheatsie added in the future or any expansion.


i second that :slight_smile: that would be really awesome.


The game has been updated to A17, any chance on an update? Obviously it takes time, I’m patient, just asking if there are plans or not :slight_smile:


What is broken?


As far as I can tell, nothing works now. They redid a lot of things in the game. A17 was a major update.


Alright. Vote for an update


i have vote all tokens ^^


Not sure why people say it didn’t work with “A16” I followed the instructions and it worked perfectly until the game updated to Alpha 17 yesterday, even though I have Version Guard activated it fails to work today with A17 New save, Not sure if it’ll work on my A16.4 Save game, I’ll double check and update. Although it would be nice it there was an update.

Thanks for the continued work.


You can revert to older version if you’ve enabled VG. Look around in trainer page in app


Thank you, I’ve never needed to use it before. Works now. Thanks again.


till the vote reaches update numbers, you can always go the beta tab in game properties through steam and go back to A16.4. :slight_smile: jic someone didn’t know.

7 Days to Die

Or you can just enable version guard right on here too