7 Days to Die Cheats and Trainer for Steam

its fixed

now all we need is the single item turnign into 99 of a stack of that item fixed.

Agreed cause having that on and getting 99 forges or workbenches can get annoying, especially when you pick it up and it fills your inventory with 1 per slot…

can you play this with the 7days mod launcher?

even with the work around i cant get mods to let me use them even with eac off

Please fix items turning into 99 stacks filling entire inventory thnx

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Yes, this is the biggest issue tbh. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we would like to have unlimited items but not where it sets the stack to 99 regardless of the amount of blocks/items. We want it to just not deplete whatever amount we have currently.

Example: Before you could have 200 blocks, place 1, still have 200 blocks. Then pick it up and now you have 201, and placing it again leaves it at 201. Now if you place same block while at 201 blocks, the stack will reset itself to 99 and never drop below or rise higher than that. (this included crafting blocks like forges, workbenches, etc.)

Hi MrAntiFun Please Add Those Cheats Thank You

Unlimited Ammo
Unlimited Durability
One-Hit Kills

Needs to be Updated

This game has not updated since the beginning of August. The trainer is up to date.

The trainer is not for beta builds.

Experimental Builds not Beta Builds, as the whole game is still in Beta after all this time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

easy craft, instant craft isnt working at all. Also the trainer isnt up to date. When you launch it, said that the game is a different version than the trainer. And I check, I wasnt using any “betas” build. Just the latest stable build.

which version does this trainer work for 20.7? i can’t turn on unlimited items. In fact, nothing is working for me except super speed.

Should be for A21.1 B16 as that was the last Stable release update from August 10th. And yes there were issues with functions still not working properly from that “stable” release.