[7th] Humble Bundle Frozenbyte For All! Free Steam Games!

Ok guys, you want the Humble Bundle? Post here and I’ll PM you with your own personal gifted version. I will buy everyone their own. I will buying them each at $1 until my Paypal account hits $1 at which point I’ll probably go to $0.05 for you guys!

For those who entered my other giveaway here: https://www.wemod.com/forum/91-giveaways/41126-%5B6th%5D-free-games-free-diamond.html

You can still enter here and get one, but if you win in that thread a $5 donation will be made in your name.

So just post here, and I’ll PM you your personallink (gift version). I most likely won’t be able to keep up the whole way, but stick with me and you’ll get it.

This will end if I reach 500 accounts, or the Humble Bundle deal ends. Away we go!

DON’T PM ME and I suggest redeeming through Steam.Thanks is always appreciated, but never required.


thank you :smiley:



I would like one thanks!


And Jesus who can’t read the rules :stuck_out_tongue: jk


Id love one.

o.o wth is that?

Done :thumbsup:

Indie games redeemable through Steam. Want them?

Ohh >.< I dont even know if my laptop will be able to run them.

Yes or no lmao?

Thanks for this can I has one you kind for paying out of your pocket

lmao. fine yes.

Done :thumbsup: Gonna take a quick shower, keep 'em coming.

I’d love one, thanks!


ik you already got me diamond but can i get a bundle?

Of course! On it’s way. (I’ll AIM you it)