8000 Posts

Can’t be bother writing a big long paragraph about this milestone so.



Let’s see who really cares about me.

Ayy nice work babe, keep spamming like me. :sunglasses:

Congrats, Stay Active !

Congratulations on all your spam.

Ooh, all your spam makes me moist.

Man, with that post count it makes me curious as to who are the ‘Top 5’!

Congratulations and stay active!

Congratulations ! Did you receive that prize yet I forwarded to you?

At one point but never again.


Man thatis a lot of wasted space on the servers…


Prune the older forum posts, nowwwwwwwwwwwwww. Quickly before he hits 10k.

And grats bruh. u suk @ league tho

Much spam, such ban, wow.

Congratulations man!

Not one care.

Edit: Now I care. You have 5 more Thanks than I do. >.<

Damn couldn’t find a proper gif for ballerstatus.
But anyways congratz.