A possible fix to the string of Infinity issues that I've noticed

Infinity not working on any games you own? Well, buddy pal. Add the program wow64helper.exe to your anti-virus’ exception list. As it turns out (for me, anyway,) Infinity wasn’t the issue. It was what I assume to be the injector’s executable that was being blocked and subsequently deleted.


I’m surprised the AV picked that up as something. Alls it does is return the address of Win32 API functions. It’s like 5 lines of code lol

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wow, thanks for the information and its pretty awesome that you figured this out by yourself!.

Yeah I didn’t understand it either. I was rummaging through my AV’s quarantine because I accidentally deleted a cracked game’s steam api and came across that file
It told me it was from the infinity folder and I decided to try restoring it and adding it to the whitelist
Bam, issue fixed

It might be because it’s interacting with files in some way, as my AV identified it as a trojan

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Thanks lmao, I didn’t even try looking for other files besides infinity, which admittedly I probably should have at first
But hey! I fixed it (on my end at least.)

Thanks for reporting this! I’m going to make sure that doesn’t happen in Infinity 2.0 :thumbsup: