A Question about Xecuter's Fusion

I Recently found a thread saying that i can record RGH gameplay using Fusion 1.0.9 and XBMovie GUI i just wanna know how does this “Fusion” work.

Its through XRPC,RPC,XBDM plugins they connect up to xbox 360 neighbourhood and when you open XBMovie you press record and basiclay neighborhood records it…

What i mean is how can i install it?

You will download it and create a new nand with with. Then you flash it just like you would when updating.

That’s All? the video im looking at is that he burns the bootdisk to a DVD and some weird stuff…

After i wrote the nand using NANDflasher when i start the consloe it gives a red light and says its unstable and i need to click CTRL+ALT+DELETE help me please.

Did you add all the files to your HDD that are needed to fusion? I haven’t used it in forever but if I remember right you had to install a bunch of stuff on your HDD also.

i Wrote the nand from my USB i didn’t copy it to my HDD, should i have copied it?

No there are other files that are needed if I remember correctly. Did you follow the instructions provided by TX?

Nope, looks like i ruined my RGH anyway can i write my old nand to it again?

Why would you attempt to install something without reading the direction first? You can reflash it with a Nand-X, Jrunner, or whatever TX is selling as their primary flashing device now. You may need to do some soldering if the QSB aren’t on there.

I Followed a youtube video i’ve done everything right… but after i flashed the Fusion NAND it all went down to hell and the it started doing this… isn’t this supposed to be a Bad nand flash?

Are you sure there isn’t any other way?

If you can still get to xell then you can flash from there. Otherwise yes i’m sure that is the only way.

Well Damn, Thank You anyways.