A Question Regarding Dark Souls Series

Hello guys, I just installed the Dark Souls series, and heard that unlike many other single player games, Dark Souls has a PvP aspect of it, and therefore bans people who use trainers/cheats. However, it is safe to use cheats in offline mode. If so, is it alright for me to use cheats in offline mode and still play on that character in online mode after turning off the cheats? For example, is it possible for me to generate one million souls, max out all of my attributes using cheats, and then turn the cheat off and play on online mode, retaining my souls/attributes? Thanks in advance.

I think it would be taking a risk to mod your character then go online with it
Not sure how strict the game dev’s are for this game but a lot of games they will ban if your character is like way crazy then other people

I think you already asked this in the proper trainer thread ?

as ptondo said, the danger of going online with an edited character are high, not reccomended at all

Thanks guys!

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