A quick thanks to all the Creators

I have just finished Days Gone thanks to WeMod. I tried to use it only when in dire straits (i,e, hordes) Without it I would never have completed the game.

So many thanks to all you creators and especially FLiNG for this one. I loved the desktop icon for playing game via WeMod as well, thanx again for that too FLiNG. Is there an easy way to make the icons for other games as well? It just saves having to open WeMod finding game and then opening game through WeMod, Just one click and your done! Absolutely brilliant.
So are the desktop icons for individual games easy to make?


If you click Info you can add a shortcut to your desktop for any game you want :slight_smile:

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I love you guys! Just been playing Mad Max through WeMod and I’ve got to say I would have been annihilated if I’d tried without it.

Hell ya