A Recent Game Placer

Went thru few pages of this board and didnt find something like this requested, so ill throw it out there.

When we do the whole achievement unlocker, we always read (atleast I have) that you should play the game before unlocking some. In the process of making it look legit.

Now I havent played with Game Adder yet as I have a question that needs answered first on another board…

But what if a feature was added that let you place older games you no longer own or want to play anymore to the top of your Recent played list, thus making/unlocking achievements just that much more legit looking and easier?

The Achievement Unlocker should automatically place the most recently edited games to the top of the list.

No doubt it does…but what my thinking is, if people like me want to make it as legit as possible, and dont own the game no more. How would it look if all of a sudden after a year or so of not playing the game last, an achievement pops up.

So far as it should be noticed, ive only un locked achievements for recent games ive played in last two months or so and still own.

What my suggestion is, put In something that edits recently played games and such.

EDIT. Found another topic like this…mine runs along same precautions. … thinking…as this guys.