A Skyrim Tool IS Under Way!

No idea about a release date, yet.

ZOMFG yes!!

HOLY COWPIES BATMAN!!! That is probably the greatest thing ever!!

Omg I can haz now plz kthx ? (: But good work man

this scottish urban/elsyian guy doesnt look like he can make a tool for it…so i doubt hes gonna make one…
Edit: dunno if this tool will go ahead though

He didnt make it xD

How can you tell that he looks like he cant make a tool for it…? this makes no sense considering he’s already made it…

He has mods but didn’t show a tool so this doesn’t prove anything.

that was my cousin who posed that >.< and he hasnt made the skyrim tool?
Edit: *hasent already i mean

exactly my point

ISO mods.

iso mods are completely unrelated…were talking about a tool

I didn’t watch much of the video, but what I saw had a similar intro to another video I watched with ISO mods. So yeah, my mistake.

Or simply xbox save convert - PC, Console commands = all the mods he has in the vids.

Not sure exactly how he is going to make a mod tool for the xbox to do all that when you need the offsets and their saves are compressed as ****

looks pretty tight i gotta admit

Well I already have a save with all of that…

Yeah, the information that would be necessary isn’t going to be present in a save file. Take for example the list of spells. When the console command is input to get them all, a function is called and the spells are placed in the player’s inventory. When the game is saved, the spells are saved as well. It’s not a byte that’s stored in the save file that tells the game to call that function upon being loaded. Unless this guy is really, really good and has the entire save decrypted, no way he’s going to be able to insert the spells manually.

Well apparently he said that he will have that in his tool… seems impossible for what you stated above is true unless like you said if he is really really good at decrypting then maybe

Xbox 360 Save -> PC -> Mod in Skyrim’s built in command prompt -> Xbox 360 Save -> ??? -> Profit?

i just cant wait fro it to be finnished

I think I’m going to try and beat the clock. I’ll be working on a web based service that will allow you to do all these things without needing to rely on someone who has the PC version of Skyrim. The only catch is the amount of resources it’s going to require to complete the project. I’ll probably end up with a content locker on top to make some profit. Don’t get all anal, I might not, it just depends on how long it takes to set everything up and how much coding I have to do.

The idea is very simple in concept, but it’s going to take a few days for me to figure everything out and gather the required necessities.