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A thankyou from someone close to there end

this is a thank you to those who have produced this … once i was able to just play any and everything and well but due to my end stage organ failure causing nerve damage my reaction times and other necessary abilities needed for gaming have been in free fall and as such i had all but given up on games !

when i found this i had not long become bed ridden and thanks to this im able to play again and get my mind away from my mortality and not be frustrated with being wasted or un able to finish games and that is a huge gift indeed for someone like me in my situation so thank you again to everyone who has spent there time building this and those who have supported this !!!


Yepp wonderful words thanks. It’s great to be able to just play at your own pace with the trainers , glad it has helped you play the games ! One game in particular was borderlands with out the trainer I was out of ammo every time I pulled the trigger !
Glad you found us and has helped you along good luck !

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oh i had a stack of games unfinished and games i liked but was frustrated with ect ect including borderlands … its been amazing ! and given my health my world is now inside of games alot being un able to move around attached to machines … it allows me some sort of freedom no matter if its a survival game or if its a open world adventure ect ect ! its allowed a huge amount of positive mental health when i would have otherwise been thinking of much darker things

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Ya sounds great being able to still play games and like you said thanks to wemod can finish or go back and play the frustrating games. I guess same as me too lotta games unfinished because too difficult.
Unlike yourself my nephew has seizures so he cant drive so his life is video games too.
Like I said and you said its great with the trainers to play the games how we want and at our leisure

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Welcome to the community. It’s great having you here. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your kind words. I am glad that you enjoy using WeMod.

I’m sorry to hear the news of your situation. But I am also glad that gaming and WeMod are giving you plenty to do and look forward to doing. I agree that gaming is a great way to disconnect from real life and just enter a different world through different eyes to have a bit of a break from the real ones. Through gaming, or even through reading books, you live a thousand different lives, not just one. And I believe it’s very important for everybody to escape into a different life every now and again, especially for their mental health.

I am not sure what type of games you like playing the most, but I can recommend the following. These are some of the best games I have ever played in my lifetime so far, which you may enjoy too:

  • The Bioshock trilogy - Bioshock. Bioshock 2. Bioshock Infinite. - Play them in (this) order to get the best out of the storyline.
  • The Last of Us
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • Fallout 3 and Fallout 4
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Disnonored
  • Heavy Rain

Speaking of which - what are your favourite games? :slight_smile:

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anything open world loved fallout 3 and 4 and the bioshock series couldn’t get into skyrim because of the time its based in just isn’t for me … have not got around to red dead 1 or 2 yet due to income restraints "ive been lucky enough to get spare keys ect from friends on twitch ect to keep me going " but look forward to it when i do ! loved all of the just cause and far cry series just recently finished star wars fallen jedi horizon zero dawn amongst others … so many to list !

anything open world is great for me as i can explore and get my self out of this room even if its just in a game !

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It pains me to hear that you’re going through such a tough time. I’m glad that we were able to let you get back into the game.

Please send me a private message, we’d love to gift you a Steam game of your choice!


I’m so glad you found WeMod and that it has helped you enjoy gaming again. I don’t post much these days but pop in often as it is a great community, as I’m sure you’re realizing.

I have a bunch of Steam keys I purchased a while back in a bundle deal that I will never use. Nothing too great or new really, but if you want them you can have them. It’s about 12-15 random genre games. Just message me and I’ll hook you up with them if you want them or you’re free to gift them to others if you want to.

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so cool to hear I am glad Wemod has helped you with getting back to gaming

Hello again! :slight_smile:

I too am a big fan of open world games.

The Assassin’s Creed franchise are also open world. Though, admittedly, you’d probably want to take a break between Assassin’s Creed games to play something else in between otherwise they might get a bit repetitive as there are so many of them.
There’s also No Man’s Sky, Watch Dogs 1 and 2, Death Stranding, Days Gone, ARK Survival Evolved and so on. Some more suggestions for you.

I’m glad to see there are people offering games above. @Zach is one of WeMod’s co-founders. And @SteveWonda is a super amazing member of the community. Both are awesome people. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget that there are at least one or two free games that are shared in our deals section of this community each week for you to grab:

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