A way to improve Wemod app

On the whole, the wemod app works great.

However, as the list of games and platforms grow, I would suggest adding a feature to allow users to select what is viewable.

For instance, I don’t use Windows store, GOG, Origin, or Xbox. I do use Epic and Steam, however.

So maybe allow a list of viewable platforms- like I can check a box next to Steam and Epic respectively, but leave the boxes next to unused platforms unchecked. So I would, in effect, be viewing only the trainers for those two selected platforms, and the other would be “hidden from view”.

As the list of games and platforms grow, it would become more bloated over time. So I can see this would be a welcome feature.

Thanks y’all for a great app and keep up the great work!


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Thanks for the suggestion. I think it’s a great idea. Did you have any other types of “filters” in mind?

Maybe the “not compatible”, “unavailable”, and “not installed” could be filtered too? Or at least, allow the wemod app to remember whether we have it in collapsed or uncollapsed.

(it always reverts back to uncollapsed when we reopen the app every time. It doesnt remember how i set it the last time.)