A way to make a list of games I don't own, that have WeMod cheats

I tried using the favorites to do this. I went through the entire list of games with cheats and favorited any that I may like, but the games don't show up in favorites until you install them.

It would be nice to have a list of WeMod supported games that I may want, for when I feel like buying a new game. Instead of having to look through the giant list every time. Maybe a way to sort the list, so I can see only the games that I favorited.


Seeing a list of favourite games is a feature that has been requested before and taken on board by WeMod’s developers. However, it is not a good system for tracking potential games to buy because the amount of games you can favourite in WeMod is limited.

Official game stores, like Steam and Epic, have a wishlist feature. Go to the page of a game you like on the store and press the wishlist button. Not only will it store the game in a list for you, but you’ll also get email alerts if that game is discounted or even becomes free for a short time.

Steam also has a “more like this” feature that shows you games similar to ones you’ve played before or are interested in.