A way to possibly improve wemod

Add a way for users to make their own trainers and menus for games that aren’t available yet, for example if I wanted to modify a game of call of duty to give me infinite ammo I would direct wemod to the game file and a menu would pop up with a long list of modifications I could add from A to Z and I would scroll down in the I section with infinite ammo and select that

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We do not allow users to create or upload their own trainers to WeMod. This would be an logistical nightmare, an organisational nightmare and a security nightmare. - A triple threat, in other words.

Also, one of the reasons some games don’t have trainers, such as some Call of Duty games, is for legal reasons. For example, the newest CoD games have server-sided elements, which means anyone producing cheats are highly likely to get sued by the developers of CoD and the players who use them will be banned from the game.

WeMod only accepts trainers from hired staff. If you are a skilled trainer developer with years of proven experience, you are welcome to submit your résumé and/or LinkedIn to WeMod to be considered in the future when there is an opening.