A well made CoD Montage video

The video above has some really nice effects! I’m not usually into this kind of stuff but I can’t deny that is some nice editing of gameplay.

As soon as the video played I thought of Kaai 08, that music from his montage hahaha :anguished: Them days :\

As for the editing it was sick af, not seen anything like it before in a montage

Dude use the youtube video option don’t post the link like that

Exactly, may not had the greatest gameplay or clips, but the editing is very nice!
Thanks for sharing.

I am using for redstone concepts and it all of a sudden won’t deactivate pistons or power up new ones whether power goes to it or not. So I created a new flat world and it updated the pistons once, but now its doing it too.

Makes me want to play Call of Duty again.

How did he manage to get everything to look the way it does? Agony plays on Xbox and that sure doesn’t look like Xbox.

I thought these died years ago…

He did an awesome job on the editing but there was only a handful of actual game play clips lol…

He obviously purchased Black Ops: 2 on PC; it’s not like there has never been a console player to venture over to PC and make a montage. (ex: Call of Duty: 4 Modern Warfare // Gears of War: 1)

…probably took him some time to get used to the controls and all, but, in the end, he made a nice montage.