Abandoned Cities

I was looking at some pictures of abandoned cities today, and it would seriously be so much fun to visit one (with maybe a radioactive suit, since that’s the reason why a lot of the ones I was looking at were abandoned to begin with) and just **** around in general. Maybe host a paintball match?

kolmanskop - Google Search

Prypiat (you actually play in this city in CoD 4):
Prypiat - Google Search

I so wanna ride these.

50,000 thousand people used to live here…

Now it’s a ghost town :open_mouth:

Edit: Skill mad

Open Me

…now it’s a ghost town.

edit: **** you Try Hard

Random Fact of the thread: In CoD 4 when your in Chernobyl the game designers actually got a bunch of guys photos around there to recreate the place in game so have a look around see if You can recreate the CoD 4 mission locations in real photo’s.

It’d be creepy as hell to go to these places.

It’s in the OP.


Chernobyl is almost deserted. Except I remember reading somewhere, people might be able to go back in some parts cans the Radioactivity is either low-none.
But screw paintball! I’d Airsoft there! Much more realistic.

Lets Journey to Atlantis!

Kolmanskop is supposed to be hella haunted.

Someone paid you $10,000 to go live there for 2 weeks by yourself, having to sleep inside one of the houses. Would you do it?

If they provided supplies, yes.

It’d be so creepy there but I’d attempt it for $10,000.

You get supplies(crappy food and water), you get no flash light or matches/lighters. Only enough food/water to live the two weeks.

Just found out the Prypiat is in COD4, MW2 and Black Ops.
Grid is suppose to be set in Prypiat

That would be somewhat creepy… but if I had some Nuka-Cola and a trusty German Shepherd with me… **** yeah.

thatd be fun

As long as you give me a Rad suit aswell. :laughing: