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my bday was actually last week,


If this is still a valid post…I’m always up for a give-away!! LOL

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I would like to win!!!

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Hello, Im New Here.


I’m new and would love the chance to win free stuff, ya just can’t beat FREE!!!

ay I like cheese, that should be enough to win something right? lol.

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whaaazuup guys! glad to be here! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


One day hehe

Bonjour, mon anniversaire était hier, il y a t-il des giveways pour ça? :slight_smile:

can someone help me get pro or help me with my account

Someone could give me Pro for my anniversary? :stuck_out_tongue: :flushed:

03/28 is the date.
My Pro membership ends in 5 days.

Living in Brazil it’s hard ‘cause Pro charges in US dollars (yeah, my country is facing a f*ckin’ economic crisis), to maintain Pro is very hard. Also I became father recently, then money becomes scarce.

Minimum wage in Brazil: 1,320.
Pro costs: 42 reais per month.

I am an active user and I always try to help people on the forum.
If it’s not possible, that’s fine.

Best Regards.

I Want To Break Free, I Want To Break Freeeee

I just love a good Giveaway, I say yay

Free? or Free?, that is the question…

Thank you in Advance and Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:

Também quero ganhar presentes!!! :saluting_face::smiley: