? About The Smurfs Mission Vileaf

I was just wondering if there was gonna be cheats for The Smurfs Mission Vileaf? I would really like there to be. Thanks

Heya! Welcome to the forums!

As for getting a trainer made, you can show your interest by clicking on the Notify me option within the WeMod app. Once enough users have done so, it will be added to the Game Queue.

That’s the only way to get trainers made, as we are a small team and try to focus on what the community wants. :slight_smile:

I thank you for responding, but 1 thing the game don’t show on the list of games installed on my computer? I downloaded through steam.

Strange. Are you able to find it by typing in The Smurfs in the search bar? I’m able to find it that way.

Yes I was, thanks very much, I been having trouble with some stuff on the game & was hoping for some help. Thanks