About the unlock all achievements button

If i use the unlock all achievement button with horizion for all of my games will it update online? And if not how can i make it work because my account bugged out and reset it self to 0? and it was not xbox live that did it bec i have talked to them and have had it checked.

Yes it will sync to online. Sometimes you have to delete the profile and recover it.

now it will pop all of them offline even the online achievements right? and if i get online will it take away the online achievements? /fix it self? I am not trying to get banned but i have lost over 400000 achievements as a hardcore gamer playing 7 years now and 3 online.

i wouldn’t want to put that many achievements bc it could get u banned

If they were unlocked online and you connect to live they will appear online no matter what. If you unlocked them offline then they will still appear offline. If you are trying to unlock achievements that were reset then nothing will show up as you can’t unlock them again.

well thats just the thing it was reset but not from xbox. Horizion just buged out, for 2 days now i have talked to xbox live and i have a perfect record and there has been no emails to me saying they have done anything to my account. And i redownloaded my profile and it was still at 0. But on my xbox rewards profile it still says i a MASTER RANK which is 75000+. So how could i get them back? Or should i have a profile offline and update all my games when i am done with 360 and upgrade to xbox 1, and unlock all achievements offline then get gold on xbox 1 so that they are locked and xbox wont be looking at them anymore since the xbox 1 achievements is a new system?

Well if the achievements were unlocked prior to using Horizon they will always be there even if they don’t show up. Just delete the account and recover it. If you are attempting to unlock ones previously not obtained then you may need to unlock them again after recovering your account.

ok now how about offline achievements? if i unlock all offline achievements using horizion say 700000 with a silver account then up grade it to gold online, then xbox cant reset my achievements because they are offline and no time stamp right?

They can but as long as the achievements could be obtained offline and the account isn’t like 2 months old then you will be fine. I unlocked over 100k GS once and was fine.

dude stop deleting my comments as I said if u get 40k in achievements at once u will get banned im helping him if u delete this again I will report it again to cheater bc what I said to him is so he doesn’t lose his account

u will get banned if u get more then 40k at once

well if the account has never been online how could they know how old it is?

bc u had to sign up befor xbox knows everything about everyone who joins so they will ban u if u get more then 40k at once just get like 1k a day bro

no not offline

even offline friend they see everything u do but u can try but if u get banned I told u so lol :smile:

Accouts be it silver or gold all have start dates. I don’t know exactly how things flag up, but I imagine if you appear online for the first time, they could still determine when the account was made offline. Sort of like a hidden start date type thing.

If your gonna whack on 700K gamerscore, why not just keep it offline rather than risk the ban?

Also. XBOX customer service aren’t always the best. I think sometimes when they ban or reset, they send a private email to the account and explain why a reset has happened.